How It Works

  • Four (4) times per year our members show up with a blank check in hand to give BIG.  Due to COVID restrictions, we started to meet virtually in 2020, so checks are mailed or donations are made online.
  • Each member has the opportunity to nominate a local charity. There are eligibility requirements and nominations must be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to the next quarterly giving circle.
  • At each giving circle, three (3) nominated and approved charities will be randomly drawn “from the hat”. The nominating members will be asked to make an informal presentation, of up to five (5) minutes, to the group about their charity’s mission and why it is deserving of the members’ vote (no PowerPoint or collateral materials, please).  *The members, whose charities were drawn, must be in attendance and available to present their charity to the group.  If a member is not in attendance another charity will be drawn.
  • Members will have the opportunity to ask questions after each presentation.
  • After the presentations and Q&A, an anonymous ballot/poll is held and the charity with the most votes will be the recipient of that evening’s donations.
  • Each member donates $100 to the charity with the most votes – no exceptions. Members who are not in attendance must make their donation immediately after the giving circle.  There is no proxy voting.
  • All donations made by check are collected by the Executive Committee and given to the selected charity within one (1) month of the giving circle. Donations made online go directly to the charity through their donation site. The member who nominated the recipient charity will be asked to participate in the BIG GIVE.
  • The selected charity is then invited back to the next giving circle to share with members the BIG impact their donations have made.


  • The selected charity is not eligible to be nominated/presented again for eighteen (18) months. The member may nominate a new charity for consideration at future giving circles. The other two (2) charities may be nominated/presented again at future giving circles.
  • Two-way ties will be decided by one more round of votes. If a tie persists, the two names that are tied will go back in the hat and the recipient will be drawn at random.
  • The selected charity must agree not to give out member information to any third parties or add them to their mailing list for future solicitation.
  • The selected charity must agree to send charitable tax receipts to our members. Members are responsible for ensuring their current address is on or attached to their check if they want a receipt.  Tax receipts are provided by the charity directly to the members.  100+ WWC is not responsible for sending the tax receipts to members.
  • Note: Donations made directly to the selected charity and online donations do not count towards the member’s commitment unless a receipt of the donation is emailed to our Executive Committee.

Please feel free to attend any giving circle as a guest. If, while you’re at the giving circle, you would like to donate to the selected charity you are welcome to do so. However, you must be a member to vote at the giving circle.  Our Membership and Commitment Forms will be available for anyone wishing to become a member. Individuals must have a completed Membership and Commitment Form on file prior to nominating a charity and voting.

Please visit our FAQ page to find answers to all your questions!