Eligibility Criteria

Only members of 100+ WWC Valley of the Sun are eligible to nominate a charity. Nominations must be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to the next quarterly meeting and be approved.

Charities must be:

  • Local and based in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.
  • Must have 501(c)(3) status for a minimum of three (3) years under the same name and EIN and be in good standing with the Arizona Corporation Commission.
  • Charities must have three (3) years of 990 tax returns on file and be willing to share that information with us if not readily available on their website or GuideStar. In the case of smaller non-profits (annual gross receipts up to $50,000) who file an e-Postcard (Form 990-N), those organizations must be willing to share three (3) years of year-end financial statements with us.
  • A fund held by a community foundation is eligible to be nominated.  Funds must meet the three (3) year minimum status requirement and provide the last three (3) years of quarterly statements from the foundation.
  • Charitable organizations must be able to provide charitable tax receipts for donations.
  • Charities must be actively engaged in the community and executing their mission statement.
  • Guide Star and Charity Navigator are helpful websites to verify information on charities.

Our Charity Selection Guide will help members determine if a charity has a solid foundation and is trending in the right direction fiscally.

Final approval of charity nominations is at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

In addition:

  • National or international charities, programs or organizations will not be considered at this time as the focus is on contributing to our local community. Organizations with a national link may be nominated provided the request is for a project to be delivered in the Phoenix Metro area. The funds must stay in our community.
  • Members of 100+ WWC Valley of the Sun may only have one (1) charitable organization nominated at a time.
  • If multiple members submit the same charity for consideration, they will have two (2) options.  1) Nominate a different charity.  2) Acknowledge that the member submitting the charity first will have the opportunity to present on behalf of that organization.  If that member is not present at a meeting and the charity is drawn, additional members attached to the charity will have the opportunity to present.  Multiple nominations of a charity will result in the name being in “the hat” once. We do not stack the hat for multiply nominations.